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" We tell stories that your grandfather would have been proud of. "

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We are living in a new era where most of us are watching videos on mobile rather than PC. Therefore, it is important to target promotional videos designed for this format.


Promotional videos can provide great benefits for businesses and organizations of all types. At Marcus TK Film , we are proud of our flexibility. We have provided effective promo videos for a wide range of customers with a diverse range of business goals.


Strengthen a positive reputation

By launching a new and professional video, clients will get the presentation of the core values ​​of the business they deserve.

We offer stories with a different twist. Where the business is seen, even through the jungle of countless videos out there. Every story deserves to be told, if told in a good way.

Featured videos;

How is the process going?

Marcus TK Film creates movies & content for businesses and private clients, with stories that inspire and connect people.


In the first part of the process of producing an inspirational film, we work closely with our clients to understand the message that is to come. Thinking new is a matter of course with us, so you don't have to think about whether the finished product stands out from your competitors.


Along the way in film production we maintain good communication with our clients. Marcus TK Film has skilled professionals who take care of their field, this way it is easier for us to understand each other workflow works superbly.

Fine adjustment

In the post-work period also called post-production, we make sure all the smallest details fall into place. We are not afraid to propose new ideas about the process being firmly established. We will send links along the way, so the process from idea to finished product is quick.

Earlier projects;


package solutions

Writing on Tablet


Idea development

Package 1 includes an idea development phase, where we work together to finalize an idea for a promotional video.

The backbone of successful video is strategy. Therefore, we do not skip the research or planning stages. We take the time to find out exactly what you want to achieve and how we can get you there

Price per Hour:

360 NOK

Editing a Movie


Filming / Editing

Package 2 contains a work in the form of filming and / or editing an already developed idea.

Our talented creative and production team in-house can deliver the full range of content for your brand. From high end TV commercials, to short and punchy explanatory animations, our team is a creative and competent production partner.

Price per Hour:

350 NOK

Live Stream Broadcast


Complete promo video

Package 3 offers a tailor-made cinematic experience of corporate values. Including idea development for a finished product.

Welded from the previous packages, you get an ultimate movie experience. Where our team takes you from start to finish, to carry out the project.

Price per Hour:

325 NOK

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