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Marcus Tveit Karkash Kamera

Satisfied Artists

Forged in the depths of music and music video passion; Marcus TK was created to provide you with original and creative music videos. We believe in making music videos accessible to everyone, from new talent to established artists. We develop good relationships with the artists who work with us to create something memorable.



67% share music videos

over other media *

Youtube is the best platform to find new music on *

Uses Youtube to watch and listen to music *

40% of all music playback takes place on Youtube *

Show everyone who and what you really stand for with a visual story

This is an explanation of why you as an artist should get your own music video.

We can work with your concepts or offer our own ideas, in addition to our production expertise. We can work with all kinds of budgets and time frames.

As we prepare a music video production, we go over the concept with the artist, put together a production team, start location exploration, get film permits, arrange logistics and transport, create schedules and everything else that comes with live video recording.





  1. An idea

  2. Budget

  3. Location

  4. Shot list

  5. casting

  6. props

  7. Crew

  8. Date of recording

  1. Costume / Apparel

  2. instruments

  3. Make-up

  4. props

  5. Everything else you need to get ready

If the pre-production part went smoothly, production would be easy to complete. Come as you are and have fun on set.

  1. WAV or MP3 of your song

  2. Logo if you have one

  3. Names to be credited at the end / start of the videos.

We take care of the rest, we will send you a link along the way so you can give us feedback.

We also do an in-person session if needed.

This is the preparation part, then we need this;

Now is the time to film, this is what we need;

The editing process is finally coming, we need this from you;

Not every video requires a high output. It all depends on the idea and the budget.

If you have a song and a desire to create an unforgettable music video, our team will take care of everything else.


Our Top Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Artists

Musikkvideo artist

First of all, I found it quite easy and comfortable to work with Marcus. Good spirit, patient. He listens and understands what the artist wants and finds a way to give you that something extra, making your vision as the client more vibrant. He´s quick and has

a great eye for detail.

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Kvinnelig musikkvideo

Sammarbeidet med artisten

B-Da Sufi på en av musikkvideoene til Marcus TK

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B-Da Sufi musikkvideo

I love working with my brother Marcus because he’s humble, respectable and honest. He gives his work 110 % and he do it fast and good. Some people are not good on listening to other because they believe that they know better, but that’s not the case with him. He’s good on listening to the people he works with and use what he can to make the work better. He’s always honest and speak his mind when is needed. He’s always doing research and learning to upgrade his skills of directing, editing and writing. I could go on and on about Marcus to be honest.

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musikkvideo profilbilde
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I and Marcus spent over 1 year filming my music video. I love his dedication to the production. Very few people would have done something crazy like this. 

Nick Sharma

Sammen har vi laget rundt 3 musikkvideoer. To av dem var filmet i "One-Take", som tar mye forberedelser, spesielt når Marcus jobbet alene.

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Marcus Karkash har filmet en musikkvideo for Holmen kirkes barne-og ungdomskor. Han har holdt seg tett til filmens grunnidé samtidig som han evner å improvisere og se nye muligheter. Han samarbeider svært godt og jobber likevel selvstendig. Han er effektiv og punktlig uten å stresse. Han har klippet og redigert på en musikalsk måte som tryller fram ren magi. Filmen kan ses igjen og igjen. Komponisten Michael Joncas sier: "an exquisite video!" Det er bare å anbefale Marcus TK på det varmeste!

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Sebastian Akselberg

Jobbet med Marcus med musikkvideo og ikke bare ble resultatet ekstremt bra, men han var også veldig samarbeidsvillig, fleksibel og morsom å jobbe med. Flott arbeid

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Wall of fame

Link to YouTube of Flowing into the Blues music video
A video for Holmen Kirke about Shelter me the music video
B-Da Sufi feat. Machouen - Flowing Into The Blues (Remix Official MV)
Sebastian Akselberg - Girls (Official Video)
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