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Marcus TK Film is a creative film and
production company in Oslo.


"The goal is to create an emotion that lasts in the audience. People make emotional decisions that they reinforce with logic. That's why we create emotional ideas that are reflected in the heart and mind."

We do video production in the Oslo area, but can also take assignments in the rest of Scandinavia.

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+ Full-music video package

+ Recording of concert / performance

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+ E-learning

+ Promo video

+ Recording of conference & event


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Our Top Satisfied Clients

Our Top Satisfied Clients

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Frode Søreide (Media Farm)

Marcus TK movie is first and foremost Marcus, but with talented cousins now it is needed. Marcus knows what this is all about. He creates films that reach and move the target audience. Marcus is good at leading and a fantastic team member, manages within time and cost limits. Versatile, flexible and fast. Creative and highly technical savvy. Recommended!

Sarosh Bekir (Privat kunde)

Marcus filmed our wedding and we are really happy we chose him to do this. We were truly amazed by the quality of the sound and videos. He was very helpful finding time for us and adjusting the parts we wanted to make it perfect for us. All of this for a fair price and I will most certainly use his services again. Marcus, through Marcus TK Film, is always my number 1 recommendation for film services. Highly recommended!

Marcus TK Film has made a music video for our children's and youth choir in Holmen church. Marcus is very positive and cooperative, and professional at your fingertips. He sticks to the basic idea while he improvises and sees new opportunities. Works intensely, is efficient and punctual without stress. He has edited the film in a musical way and created pure magic. The movie can be seen again and again. Said about the movie: "Wow, first of all lovely, but also very professional video." "Very calming and lovely. Balm in times of struggle." "Sometimes life gets hard. Then a glimpse of God shines through on something like this." And from composer Michael Joncas himself: "I already knew that the music was wonderfully performed ... but I wasn't prepared how exquisite the video is." Just recommend Marcus TK Film in the warmest!

Ahmed El-Feky (Privat kunde)

Great to work with, they are very understandable and you feel that they are actually listening to your requirements and they are incredibly cooperative willing. Incredibly good technically too. Recommends everyone to use Marcus TK Film, incredibly good.

Olga Janova - (Privat kunde)

Marcus is a unique and highly recomended male within his profession. Besides charming personality, he is efficient and holds deadlines; Dedicated to his work which is easy to note by the details he captures with his sharp eyes. You will be happy with the final produc, also thanks to the advanced equipment he uses.

Newest projects

How is the process going?

Marcus TK Film creates movies & content for businesses and private clients, with stories that inspire and connect people.


In the first part of the process of producing an inspirational film, we work closely with our clients to understand the message that is to come. Thinking new is a matter of course with us, so you don't have to think about whether the finished product stands out from your competitors.


Along the way in film production we maintain good communication with our clients. Marcus TK Film has skilled professionals who take care of their field, this way it is easier for us to understand each other workflow works superbly.

Fine adjustment

In the post-work period also called post-production, we make sure all the smallest details fall into place. We are not afraid to propose new ideas about the process being firmly established. We will send links along the way, so the process from idea to finished product is quick.

We do video production in the Oslo area, but can also take assignments in the rest of Scandinavia.

Our Top Satisfied Clients

Order a professional photographer in Oslo, or your local area.

Our photographer studio Oslo, is located at Dronningens gate 25,

Order a professional photographer in Oslo, or your local area.

Our photographer studio Oslo, is located at Dronningens gate 25,

Newest projects

Newest projects

Newest projects

Newest projects

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